Sunday, November 28, 2010

Local Knowledge and Master Craftman : Monchito Shapes

In 1989 Ramon Acevedo, a local surfer from Rincon Puerto Rico started his journey to become a standout shaper. Sometimes people spent a lifetime defining a special habilities, in his case he born to shape. His shapes are 100% hand made. He shape and glasses all his surfboards, also excellent in airbrush painting and resint tint. As a mentioned in previous a previous post the local break knowledge will add an advantage in designing your magic board. He has shaped more than 2,000 boards which has traveled around the globe. His boards have a unique name "Oceantribe Surfboards" also known as "Monchito Shapes". His surfboards are the best in Rincon with a superior quality comparing with foreign boards. Support the local shaper who will bring you quality wave sliding vehicles. 

Now showing a new logo, "Monchito Shapes"


"Monchito's" rail touch.

Doing what he knows well, on his shaping bay.

His glass work is superb, giving you more time for wave joy.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The mayor of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico had the excellent idea of a surfing exhibition in the Town Hall Center, which started concomitantly with the Rip Curl Search. The entrance is free of charge and the content is amazing. Probably will end this current month. Opens at 8:00 AM and close at 4:00 PM. Do noy miss it. You will learn our History!
At the top you see where all started. A Hawaiian Alaia and a Paipo. Beautiful shapes and wood details.

During the early 70's the shortboard revolution ignited. Above you see the classical foward outline, pin tails single fins. Drawing new lines.

In the 60's the polyurethane was the rule and balsa was mostly out of the lineup. Dick Brewer was one of the pioneers in modern design. What a beauty!.

The legend Jorge Machuca was present in the opening day of the exhibition. He brought this late 70's winged swallowtail. I missed it, we all have to work for living.

Carey was one of the early surfboard brands in Puerto Rico.

Pin tails rule at that time!

This vintage logo was the birth of  the Pelicano Surfboards.

This was the first surfboard done by  master craftman, Nestor Ramirez.

Do you remember island surfboards?

I do!

I remember the days waiting in the baseball park drinking a beer , waiting for Bill to open his shop. His designs was ahead of time and the quality of the surfboards was superb.

We miss you Bill!


The 80's strikes back!

Ernie Alvarez has been a tough big wave surfer all his life until he stepped on his first SUP board on November, 2006 and has been an advocate ever since. After four years of living the passion of the SUP sport and becoming one of the top riders in Puerto Rico and around the world, Ernie Alvarez joins the ARK Team in 2010. Not only one of Puerto Rico’s hardest Big Wave Chargers but also a steward of the ocean as he embraces the Plastic Free Ocean’s mission by paddling 368 miles around the entire Puerto Rico islands to raise awareness, educate and bring solutions for this environmental emergency that is killing our oceans and life; plastics.
From his hometown of Aguadilla all the way out to Puerto Escondido Ernie charges big waves on SUP any chance he can get, and has ridden some of the largest waves ever recorded on a Stand Up Paddleboard not to mention the famous 55’ monster wave in Tres Palmas, Rincon in one of Puerto Rico’s biggest swells in our history. This passionate and tenacious competitor was the first SUP surfing and elite racing champion of Puerto Rico. He is constantly being invited to world class events such as to compete and promote the Plastic Free Ocean mission. He is now developing with ARK his own line of paddle boards for surfing and women’s all around. Ernie is a true example of what a professional waterman should be not only in his athlete capacity but also as a role model to our society.
Mission Complete / Mision Cumplida
Ernie Alvarez recently completed his 360 mile circumnavigation of Puerto Rico by paddling his stand-up paddleboard to raise awarness about reducing our dependence on plastics, refraining from using single-use plastics, recycling, and being stewards to the environment. His arrival to Villa Cofresi in Rincon on Saturday was well greeted by more than 100 spectators. Congratulations Ernie!

What a great wave!

Yeah right!

Edwin Santos, the legend. Remember when he defeated Dane Kealoha in Hawaii. This upset end the aspiration of Dane's World Championship.

Edwin Santos today!

The biggest wave ever ridden and recorded in the Swell of the Century in Puerto Rico (Tres Palmas, Rincon) by another of our legends, Carlos Cabrero!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Mick Fanning in Meditation before a heat.

Bede Durbige surf brilliant in the Final with the King.

I think that I can get the second trophy for today!

Puertorrican crowd to the right!

Puertorrican crowd to the left!

I will make history today!

ASP World Surfing Champion x 10!

Ready to win the Rip Curl Search 2010.

And Hystory was written!

I think a made my magic board.

Marketing Sucks!

Also a Puertorrican for history: Dylan Graves.

The two surfing idols in Island waters.

Dylan Go!

Simply the King.

Jordy Smith mind blowing maneuvers.

The real spirit of soul surfing.

I am working hard to beat the King record!

Friday, November 5, 2010


 Our 3 x ISA World Master Champion, Juan Ashton.

  A tribute to the 3 x ASP World Campion, Andy Iron
Will never forget you!

                                      The stairs to the Gladiator Arena.                                          

 Empty Beach?

  Typical Puertorrican costal portrait, simply beautifull!

Locals sliding with the top 32.

    Tiago Pires after a nice workout in Puertorrican Waters. 

Do you recognice this 2 x ASP World Champion?

Jadson Andre, a future Champion.

 In this case I had the opportunity to have a chat with
Adriano De Souza, who speak spanish fluently.