Friday, December 24, 2010

Sliding Time Machine by Master Craftman: Nestor Ramirez-Pelicano Surfboards

                         During the evolution of surfboards, the "Egg" is the most versatile shape of all. If you are concern about how the conditions are and  undicide about your's day equipment, this board design never fails. After my decision, I decided to go to the Father of Shapers in Puerto Rico, the founder of Pelicano Surfboards, Nestor Ramirez. The design was obtained from the Malcom Campbell, "Egg" Bonzer. Foward outline and 2+1 Fin arrangement. To mantain the alternative soul, green resin tint with gloss was added, ending in a superb glass job by Nestor's son, Guali Ramirez.
                        This board is magic, very easy padling and wave catcher. The definition of an oll rounder board. It was a good decision of choosing a Greenough 4A flex fin which complement very well the design. This shape will never die!

Dimensions : Length 6'4"
                    Nose 16"
                    Tail Round Pin 14 1/2"
                    Width 20 1/2"
                    Thickness 2 3/4"
                    Fins 2+1
                    Single Concave

                                     Enjoy some board Pics!

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Since I start to surf again after a 10 year forced academic sabatic the surfboard world changed completely. I was shoked that Clark Foam closed and amazed about the new materials and designs that evolved from this caos. Inmediately bought the new thing in the block, Surftech, but it was like plastic and the feel was like a hightech cork. Then I try Firewire, but extremly high performance for my habilities and finaly XTR which was a happy medium between the too. All extremly durable and light but the feeling when surfed, was never as polyurethane. At the end, back to basics. There's nothing like a hand made PU wave vehicle. in the comeback I was descovering the benefits of the fish and the magic of the quad fins. Wider boards are more stable and the quad was giving me the quickness of a grom. As older you get wiser. Getting update was the rule, and the blogs open a closed window. Reading an article by Rusty, he recapitulated the benefits of a reverse vee in front foot dominant surfer, going wider and the complements of the quad. Also Blair from California and  Muzza from Base Surfboards in Australia was accentuating the combination of the round pin with the quad for improve control. After combining this data and the talent of "Monchito Shapes" this surfboard was born.

Length: 6'4"
Nose: 14"
Tail: 15" Round
Width: 20"
Thickness: 2 5/8"
Bottom: Reverse Vee, greater on front foot area and evolving to a double concave and vee after back fins.
Fins: Quad